Friday, October 9, 2009

Extreme Tiredness - How To Overcome Constant Tiredness

Are there times in your life that you feel as if you have been up for three days when you've only been up for 6 hours? You got some sleep, but still, you feel as if you have not and just want to go back to bed and get more sleep? Have you also experienced feeling super exhausted even though you have slept for more than ten hours already? I have.

If you feel this way, you are experiencing constant and extreme tiredness. You might think that this is just something that will pass – it won't if you don't try to overcome this constant tiredness.

I would probably still have excessive tiredness today if I hadn’t found a solution.

I hope that my story will help all people that want to find an effective solution to their tiredness issue. I gather all the results of my searches about this problem and eventually managed to find a program that helped me overcome my extreme tiredness.

Extreme Tiredness - What Causes Constant Tiredness?

Some of the things that we do in life contribute to how tired we feel. Here are some of the factors that can cause us to feel excessive tiredness:

1. Diet – the food we eat and consume can be responsible for the feeling we have. An example would be eating a meal that has lots of fats, sugars, and carbohydrates or even the fact that you ate a lot can make you sleepy and lethargic. If this is your case, you may try some products in the market that can help you sustain your eating habits and make your calorie consumption lesser. A lot of people feel better when they eat less. You may also try to eat smaller meals than the big meals that you are used to.

2. Exercise – this is another reason why we get too tired right away, not because we exercise, but because we don't do enough or we don't do it at all. Make it a habit to walk or jog 2-3 times a week. Exercising can induce better eating habits and better sleep at night.

Extreme Tiredness – Little Know Tips to Overcome Constant Tiredness

Feeling too tired everyday can be very irritating so here are some tips that can make you overcome tiredness and help you boost your energy:

· Dance with your Sleep Cycle

Everyone has a sleep cycle – this is the light sleep, medium sleep and the deep sleep. After several minutes into the deep sleep you will enter light sleep again and this cycle happens every hour and thirty minutes or more and this may happen between 4 and 6 times a night.

The thing is that we sometimes wake up during our deep sleep and this can make us feel really tired; it would be better to wake up during light sleep. What you can do is schedule your sleeping time at the same time for one week and adjust your alarm to the number of cycles that you can have and add seven minutes before you close your eyes and go to sleep.

You may ask why seven minutes, why not ten or eleven. This is because seven minutes is the average time before we fall asleep – this means a guaranteed sleep through the different cycles.

· Eat Breakfast

A lot of people skip this very important meal of the day either they're in a hurry or just busy to even grab something to eat in the morning – but think of it this way, if your last meal was at 8 in the evening and if you don’t have breakfast the morning after – it would mean that you have not fed your body any fuel for energy.

· Check your health

Check to see if you have an illness because of the tiredness and fatigue you feel.

· Walk briskly daily

Taking a short walk is actually better and more invigorating than taking a short nap – it boosts your mood, gives you more energy and keeps your blood pumping.

But note that although taking brisk walks can energize you, taking short naps can help as well – and note that 20 minutes of naptime is way better than sleeping for 2 hours – in fact, sleeping more than 20 minutes will make you enter into your deep sleep and you will feel groggy. Remember though that there are techniques on how to take a correct nap.

Extreme Tiredness – My Constant Tiredness Story

The extreme tiredness that I felt started when I gave birth and when I started my job for a big company that caters to different clients. The pressure of working for demanding clients and having to attend to the needs of my child made matters worse.

I would come home tired and would not even realize that I had been sleeping on the dining table – I felt bad because my family thought that I did not have enough time for them and that I was only concentrating on my career – they were wrong – what they did not know was that even when I was in the office, I would fall asleep. It was weird and not fun at all.

As this problem started affected my job and private life seriously, I went to my doctor to check if I had any disease but nothing. So he gave me some advices. But, things didn’t get better.

It was really a frustrating situation because no one in my family would understand how tired I felt. I didn’t feel depressive just extremely tired. So I decided to find a way to overcome this constant tiredness and went online searching for some info about this problem.

I learned that almost 25% of the population were actually suffering from tiredness to a certain degree.

A lot of people resort to energy pills, drinks, coffee and other stimulants to overcome these tiredness issues.

Anyway, I wasn’t ok to use drugs to deal with my problem and tried to find more natural alternatives. That’s how I stumbled upon the Stop Being Tired Program.

The End Tiredness Program – The Quick and Easy Formula to Overcome Constant Tiredness.

This natural program treats constant tiredness and not just its effects like do pills, coffee and other stimulants do.
A money back guarantee comes with the product so you have the option of seeing if it works for you and if you’re not satisfied with it then you’ll be able to get a full refund.

No need to say that after reading some good reviews about the product, I decided to give it a try. I was really desperate I must say.

Here’s what you can expect from this end tiredness program :
- Sleep less without feeling tired or groggy
- Take naps the right way
- Learn the mistakes you make that get you tired
- Learn how to boost your energy naturally
- Improve your diet
- How to handle jet lags the right way
- Helpful tips for shift workers
- And many more things that will help you overcome your constant tiredness for good.
You’ll be surprised to see how easy-to-follow this program is. I really appreciated:
- The unlimited expert support that was offered. I didn’t have to go through this program alone. The author was available to answer to all my questions.

It took me about one month to see obvious results : you have to be motivated to follow the guidelines.

If it worked for me then it’ll work for you. Hope that all this information will help you improve your daily life.